Board of Directors


President - Julie Roch-Winward


Vice President - Gloria Perry


Secretary - Diane Gadoury


Treasurer - Ann Giroux


Section Leaders

Rena Tanguay

Arline Osenkowski

Karen Brown

​Julie Mueller



The Chorus of Kent County

The Chorus of Kent County was formed based on a love of the musical arts, performing and love of community.  A few friends got together to see if this was something that others would enjoy being a part of.  With much enthusiasm and encouragement, we selected an Executive Board to get things started. 

Julie Roch-Winward was selected as the President, Gloria Perry as Vice-President, Diane Gadoury as Secretary and Mary Jane Langlais as Treasurer. 

We filed the necessary paperwork with the State of Rhode Island and the IRS to become a non-profit organization.  We looked for a rehearsal and concert venue, selected a Director, Nicholas Laroche and Accompanist, Stephen Romano.  We also established a set of by-laws to comply with our non-profit status and sought out members.

A Scholarship Committee was formed so we could give back to the community.  Our goal is to provide Financial Awards to students graduating from High School, continuing their education with a focus on the musical arts.

Rehearsals began in January 2016 and with 70 members we hit the road running.  Our first concert was "Come Fly With Me: A Night With the Rat Pack", which honored Frank Sinatra and his 100th Birthday. 

The members of the Chorus look forward to providing many years of entertainment to the community and the entire State of Rhode Island.