The Chorus of Kent County


The Chorus of Kent County is pleased to announce that we are offering Scholarships to graduating high school seniors from the Kent County area.  

Those schools are East Greenwich High School, Coventry High School, Exeter-West Greenwich High School, West Warwick High School, Pilgrim High School and Toll Gate High School.   You can get an application and instructions through your Guidance Department.

Our organization works throughout the year to raise funds to make this possible.  We take pride in promoting the arts as an important vocation as well as an enjoyable pastime; these awards are not determined by merit alone.  

To offer more students the opportunity to receive such an award, our format for this application process is an essay style application. The eligibility for this award requires students to participate in at least one of the following:

Furthering your education in the music field. (major or minor)

Completed 3 to 4 years of chorus, choral or show choir in high school.

Completed 3 to 4 years of band/jazz band/orchestra in high school.

Performed in 3 to 4 years of a stage production or have been part of the technical crew.

The following two (2) items are required to apply for our Scholarship Award and must be submitted no later than Monday, April 2, 2018:

An Essay - The topic of which should be: HOW MUSIC HAS INSPIRED AND MOTIVATED ME. All essays must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs, not to exceed 5 paragraphs and should be typed.

A formal letter of recommendation from a past or present teacher associated with the music department.

Essays may be sent via email to: When submitting your essays, please be sure to type “CKC 2018 Scholarship Essay” in the subject line and be sure that they are in a PDF format. Please include all of the following; your name, address, personal email account information and telephone number, the high school you are currently attending, which eligibility requirement/s you have met as well as the school you will be attending to further your education and the major/minor you will be pursuing
Students will be notified by Friday, April 13, 2018.  Actual monetary awards will be given to the student upon completion of their first semester of college. A copy of their first semester transcript will be required to receive the award.  

Scholarship Recipients


Dylan Bowden - Pilgrim High School

Eryka Daniels - West Warwick High School

Julie Davis - Toll Gate High School

Lacey Griffin - Exeter-West Greenwich High School

​Natalie Mann - Toll Gate High School


Alec Charon - West Warwick High School

Juliana Cuomo - West Warwick High School 

Richelle Sarlo - West Warwick High School

Elizabeth Carcieri - Toll Gate High School 

Emily Langevin - Toll Gate High School $


Kristen Disano - West Warwick High School 

Vincent Lancellotta - West Warwick High School 

Joseph Paquette - West Warwick High School 

Jared  Rathbun - West Warwick High School 

Taylor Worthington - West Warwick High School